Flower Bouquet, 1982 - by Marc Chagall

Flower Bouquet, 1982 presents a vivid, yet soothing vision of lovers cast in the background of a bouquet of flowers. It is a good example of the style evident in many Marc Chagall paintings. You have romance, religion, abstractionism, and, of course, bold colors. The high regard that Chagall holds for love is truly evident in this work, and the proof is in the details.

In typical Chagall fashion, no portion of the canvas is left unscathed, with the bold, dark colors of the night sky offsetting the bright, and uncharacteristically detailed coloring of the flower buds and stems. It is not often that Chagall goes into such detail with fine points like the flower stems, which makes this painting a unique treat for the eyes. As with other Marc Chagall paintings, the scenes presented are often semi-chaotic family events or other such high energy images. With Bouquet of Flowers,